“I guess spontaneous human combustion is just a thing that happens sometimes. The first time it happened, they even brought the fire marshal into my apartment and he said as much. Looked at what was left of my boyfriend’s body on the bed like he was something out of a museum. It was really fucking awful. I had to get a new mattress and scrub everything over and over again. No matter what I… did to clean it up, the room smelled like that until I moved. I’ll tell you, you don’t get used to it. Not after the sixth or seventh time anyway. I need a bump, I don’t want to think about this right now.” 

Scott is a stocky young man with dark brown eyes, brown hair pulled into a ponytail, and medium-length facial hair. He is REMORSEFUL, IGNORANT, and GREGARIOUS. Scott can use pyrokinesis, but does everything he can to avoid using that power. 

Firestarters are a less common variety of psychic and have a difficult time recognizing their abilities for what they really are. Consequently, they also find less help from other psychics, especially healing and mind-oriented individuals who can’t wrap their mind around how kinetic abilities work. For psychics with telekinetic abilities, firestarting represents a level of mastery over the manipulation of the world, however for the psychics that can do it naturally, it comes to them too soon and without any warning. This was the case for Scott, who has accidentally immolated others when he felt too strongly for them. Despite the fact that he’s in denial about it, he avoids getting close enough to others to start another relationship. 

Scott is always afraid he’s going to hurt someone again. He is constantly using drugs and going to parties to keep his mind off of the memories of people he’s accidentally set on fire. With his power uncontrolled and no interest in learning about how to harness his psychic abilities, he poses a danger to himself and others, but doesn't think about it enough to come to terms with that. When he isn’t at a party, he’s either at home playing video games, working for a major retail store, or talking with his friends online. Anything he can do to avoid thinking about the past and the nature of his powers.