“If you really like, look inside yourself, you might find something you’ll like. I like how I am, it’s all balance inside and out. That’s what haters don’t like, they don’t want to talk to someone who’s balanced, they want someone who flies off the handle because they know those kinds of people can have their buttons pushed.” 

Adriana Elsberry is a taller woman with short, black hair. She is CONFIDENT, EASILY BORED, and EASYGOING. She has the power to hypnotize people with her voice when she raps, trapping them in a Mindscape - a psychic space that one can interact with similarly to the real world. 

She spends most of her time either with friends or practicing music. She plays the cello well and performs in her city’s orchestra. She has a recording studio set up at home where she produces rap music, combining her talents with lyricism and the cello. Adriana goes by Cherry Flo online, which is the name she records music under. 

She is a powerful psychic, and when she raps in person, she can send someone to a Mindscape. When someone enters a Mindscape, their body remains in place while their psyche is taken to a place of the owner’s creation. Time works differently there - you spend longer on the inside than your body does in the real world. Adriana uses this to her advantage to get away when she’s in trouble, or it allows time for whoever she’s working with to do what they need to do while the subject is incapacitated. 

Projecting a Mindscape onto someone else is dangerous, though, as it leaves the projector vulnerable. Inside this psychic space, you can be hurt the same as in the real world, or even killed. Wounds that you receive in a Mindscape appear on your physical body outside of it, and this applies to the projector, too. For this reason, and because Adriana’s primary goal for using it is to buy time, her Mindscape is designed to slow down whoever enters it. 

Adriana’s Mindscape is a tall office building filled with elevators. Opening any one of the offices reveals a slate gray room with angular furniture fixed in place. The elevators all have polished brass doors and marble tile flooring, with buttons for floors 1-101. Mannequins dressed like Adriana are positioned on every floor, allowing her to confuse people she’s projecting onto. As soon as she is discovered and is at a disadvantage, she will attempt to close the Mindscape.