“Look at that guy over there. He thinks he’s so much fucking better than us because he has a nice car. Middle management, cushy job, enough money to cover a month's worth of bills in savings and thinks that'll save him if things don't go right. And he looks down on people like me. But really, he's vulnerable, in a prison of his own making. Thinks he's solid - that's the worst kind of confidence. Here’s what I know, for a fact: that jackass would freeze up if I broke his windshield out with a hammer. Paper tiger. And I’m a lighter, y’know?" 

Ernest is a heavyset man with a short beard and a crew cut. He is RESENTFUL, SHORT-TEMPERED, and BOASTFUL. He feeds off of his own anger and channels it to avoid needing to address basic bodily functions, sometimes going for days without sleep and apparently subsisting only off of black coffee and energy drinks. 

Ernest has always found satisfaction with putting people in their place. He’s made it his business to do that his entire life. As a child, he was a bully in school and got physical with anyone smaller or weaker than him who had the nerve to give him a problem. Ernest himself wasn’t hot shit either, and bigger bullies came along to kick his ass and humiliate him. This is what gives him power: anger towards people below him and resentment towards those who think that they’re above him. 

He owns a landscaping business and his lifelong habit of treating others poorly has continued to this day. He is constantly pushing his employees to work longer hours with fewer breaks. Ernest believes that because he can go all day without stopping to eat, drink, or rest, the people he hires should be able to do the same. The only reason he is able to do this is because he channels his anger, which doesn’t give him extraordinary magic power, but does mitigate his need for basic human functions. 

Easily upset by others, Ernest starts trouble sometimes. He is prone to road rage and will follow people home. He holds on to grudges for a VERY long time and will act on them. The same people that bullied him in school? He remembers them and keeps track of them years later, however he hasn’t injured them. If he acts on his anger and hurts someone else physically, it saps him of his ability to suppress his needs.