“Way back when, I got a scholarship to med school. Aced every class, valedictorian of my graduating class, and became one of the best doctors in the world. Fortunately for the people I serve here, I don’t let all that go to my head. I take my oath seriously, and I’m committed to helping the public and people in need.” 

Mehan is a man with wide-set, dark brown eyes and a short beard. He is INDEPENDENT, RATIONALIZING, and PRIDEFUL. As long as he believes that he is the best, which he is constantly coming up with reasons for, he is willing to provide medical care off-the-books. 

As a doctor of family medicine at a regional health center, Mehan makes a decent living. He is very confident that, if he wanted to, he could go work for any medical center in the country. He rationalizes this belief with his current position by telling himself that he provides a public service, believing that he is one of the most humble and charitable people around. For this reason, Mehan will provide medical care under the table, for a hefty price - after all, he’s the best in the country. 

Seeking care from Mehan is not difficult, as long as the right buttons are pressed. His worldview is based around how great he is, and his mind will do whatever it needs to in order for him to maintain that view of himself. If he is ever somehow confronted by the reality of his situation, he will struggle to do much of anything. Mehan will fall into a deep depression unless his worldview is restored. There is little room for compromise in his mind - he is either the very best, or nothing at all.