“Nothing gets me as high as this shit right here. Some say it lets you see the future and all that, but it doesn’t quite hit like that for me. It just keeps me focused, in the know. It lets me see deep into other people - like, really, really deep. When people come to me for my services, it’s much easier when I can see why. That way, I can get them what they’re looking for.” 

Gossamer is a woman in her 30s with her hair pulled back into a long braid. She is heavily tattooed, with black geometric tattoos covering her face, torso, and left arm. Gossamer is HERMETIC, MEDITATIVE, and a bit CONCEITED. She regards herself as a modern oracle like those of antiquity, and the flowers she smokes appear to give her the power to see other people’s true intentions. 

Little of her background is well-known, and Gossamer likes to keep it that way. When clients want to get in contact with her to exchange information, she will meet up with them at a nearby club or bar frequented by other people involved with the occult. The flowers she smokes are an act - they do get her a little high, however the key to her ability to see others’ intentions comes from her own psychic power. She is, in actuality, a psychic empath that picks up on others’ emotions. 

The air of mystery serves to conceal her true identity. When she isn’t in the “occult public” to provide her services, meet with others, or take part in folk magic, she lives a fairly ordinary life. Her legal name is Kat Dettmer and she is a cook for a medium to high-end restaurant in the city center, rarely being seen in public. When she isn’t high, she struggles with severe social anxiety that reinforces her reclusive behavior.