“And you know, that’s the real problem with people these days. They tell me, Gary, you’ve got to stop living under a rock. And they use this as some kind of derogatory rhetorical device, like I’m ignorant because I live under a rock. Well, I’m not. I’m ignorant because we already know everything there is to know! The world is a pyramid, the seas are endless, and you don’t drink downriver from someone who’s bathing. There is nothing else to learn. And, for the record, my housing is a choice. Material possessions are a scam by the store owners in this town, none of which like me very much. They say, there goes Gary, the weird homeless man. And they use this term like they know what they’re talking about. Well, they don’t. I have a home, and it’s under big rocks. It’s in their backyards, in their walls, carved out from under their sheds and inside their insulation. They think they’re just watching me. But they’re watching me watch them without knowing what they’re watching.”

Gary Hudson is a small, lean man with shaggy gray hair. He is PARANOID, PENSIVE, and LONELY. He usually wears a fading yellow jacket over a pair of coveralls and he has few possessions. He spends a lot of time watching others and will talk about philosophy to the people that will listen, but most don’t have the patience. He wishes to be like he used to be - charming, popular, and well-liked - however, years and years of learning too much of the wrong kinds of knowledge have led him to this point.

He is very knowledgeable in the occult, and this knowledge has come at a cost. He can't do math as well as he used to, and he needs to be spoken to in concrete terms or he won't understand. He has a difficult time making and maintaining meaningful connections with others, but is still lonely, so he spends his time watching others. Sometimes, he does this in public, at parks or in parking lots. Sometimes, however, he spies on people who are rude to him. In his mind, this is justified, as he is only trying to understand them. And if he finds out that they are using the supernatural to their benefit, he tries to remove the source. He is handy with tools and can be very stealthy when he wants to be.

Gary can be consulted about the occult and supernatural, although he may not have the answers you’re looking for. Despite his abilities to go unnoticed, he is still harassed by the police and has a record of arrests due to trespassing, loitering, and disturbing the peace. Anyone seen with Gary may get some unwanted attention from the police, so he tries not to interact with others directly in public.