“I’ve got four kids to support, and my wife, her mom, and the dog. As long as you can get me some decent pay and I don’t go crazy after looking at some cursed painting or whatever, I can help you move some stuff.” 

Dave Horton is a middle-aged man with graying hair and an average build. He is UNEASY, DEDICATED TO HIS FAMILY, and MILD-MANNERED. He strongly believes that, as the provider of his family, it’s his responsibility to bring in money. Even if it means taking weird side jobs transporting and helping dispose of unnatural horrors. 

Dave works almost every day of the week in the mornings for a commercial landscaping firm. He is a certified backhoe operator and spends a significant amount of time at work moving earth and mulch for business parks and corporate properties in the west side of the city. He doesn’t mind working long hours, so long as it can get him some overtime. He is a bit of a workaholic and last time he was out of work due to recovering from a surgery, he injured himself while trying to refinish the deck in his backyard. 

While Dave doesn’t have any kind of special powers, psychic abilities, or even weird dreams, he is more than valuable in that he has seen some unusual things and knows to keep his mouth shut. As long as the pay is worth it, he can avoid bodily harm, and it’s after work hours, Dave is willing to help move stuff in his truck. He tries to avoid looking at whatever he’s transporting, but there are some things he’s seen that he tries to forget. The body of an older woman bisected, held together with rebar. A dog in a reinforced cage whose body was trying desperately to grow in every direction. A heavy, clanking device that he could feel match his heartbeat, which he still remembers every time he works up a sweat.