“I’m not like a ghost or anything - okay, well I kind of am, but it’s different. I think ghosts can go through doors and walls and crap, but sometimes people shut me in a room without knowing it, which is super irritating. Then I have to wait until someone lets me out because I can’t move the doorknob. At least I don’t get hungry or whatever, though.” 

Parker Linford, as they exist now, is what’s left after their body was borrowed by a friend. They are a faint, white outline in the shape of a tall, thin person with short, stylish hair. Parker is IMPATIENT, TALKATIVE, and DOMINATING IN CONVERSATION. Even without their body, they can still speak and hear without any issues. 

Bringing back the dead is tricky and dangerous business, and Parker wasn’t entirely aware of what they were signing up for when they let their friend borrow their body, displacing themself into a silhouette. Parker was under the impression that it would only be for a minute, just so their friend, Rachel, could feel what it was like to have coffee one last time before moving on. Rachel, in Parker’s body, stared wide-eyed at their faint outline and the room around her. She whispered “I’ll be right back, I have to do something” before sprinting out the front door and down the street, still yet to return with their body. 

Parker spends a lot of their time hanging around other people affected by the supernatural - they’re the only ones comfortable with the idea of disembodied people, anyway. Being disembodied isn’t like being a Ghost. Ghosts aren’t tied as strongly to the material world and they have the option of moving on. Parker is like a thick ghost without any special powers. They have some kind of resistance that keeps things from entering their body easily, and they can manipulate very light objects, but they don’t have the strength or mass to do things like open doors or turn on faucets. 

Nowadays, Parker spends a lot of their time watching television and browsing on social media. They don’t have the ability to hold their phone in their hands, but they can still use it with a stylus. They are constantly on the lookout for their body, ready to confront Rachel whenever they see her again. They’re happy to talk about themself and what it was like when they had a body. Parker used to be a model and thinks highly of the way that they looked. They will lament the loss of their old life and how, even if they got their body back, it’s likely that none of the people they used to hang out with would recognize the person that they are now.