Luisa Ferrera and Aimee Ferrera are sisters who operate The Enchanted Heron, a flying boat that is home to a famous bar.

Luisa is a SKILLED PILOT, who is STUBBORN and BUSY WITH HER WORK. Aimee is FRIENDLY, UPBEAT, and LOVESICK. Both of the Ferrera sisters are very good at their jobs. They will dock their seaplane at a harbor to operate for a few days before taking off again.

Luisa has dark brown hair pulled into a tight bun. She is usually wearing her mother’s flight suit, which was worn by all aviators during The War. When she is not flying or conducting maintenance on the plane, Luisa spends her time listening to her sister and reading, often at the same time. She is reserved and cares a lot about her younger sister, who she feels that she needs to take care of now that their parents have passed on.

Aimee has shorter, curly, black hair tied up in a ponytail. She wears an assortment of flashy, flamboyant outfits with a lot of color. When she is serving drinks, she is often upbeat but keeps to small talk. When she isn’t working, she is more open and has a lot to say about the world. She will talk to whoever will listen about the places they’ve visited and the history of The Enchanted Heron. She will frequently talk at her sister, and when she has access to a phone, will talk with her boyfriend for hours.

Anyone who has any knowledge of aviation will know that The Enchanted Heron has seen combat. Every single unit of this model of plane did. During The War, they were primarily used to transport troops, but were also used on rescue missions and for maritime patrols. Nowadays, flying boats like these are popular for all kinds of work.

The Enchanted Heron used to be a patrol plane, and the impressive turrets on the front remain, although unmanned. Towards the end of The War, it was shot down near a village where their mother and father recovered it, rebuilding the seaplane over several years. The plane is a dark blue color with dramatic, zigzagging gold and teal stripes along the hull. Inside, there are sofas and barstools bolted to the frame featuring real leather. At the bar, the liquor is kept on shelves behind metal grating to prevent them from falling off. On the walls of the interior, there are murals of seaside villages and harbors that form a kind of map.