“You get what you deserve in life, and when you’ve got something coming, you don’t run. You face it. These assholes poking around in other people’s brains deserve everything they’ve got coming to them. I know I would if I fucked around with how other people made decisions. It’s an incontrovertible wrong to brainwash people, and as far as I’m concerned, anyone who does this stuff needs to be put away for good. Even if I’m the one who has to see to it.” 

Allen Stuckey is a man with a wide frame, a long beard, and hair pulled back into a bun. He is DETERMINED, MORALISTIC, and EVEN-TEMPERED. He is aware of psychics and places himself in direct opposition to them, believing the use of their power to be a moral transgression that must be righted with his ideas of justice. 

When he was a younger man, Allen enjoyed street racing and usually raced with some friends of his. One night, however, he took a turn too wide and hit a telephone pole. Without a seatbelt, Allen was ejected from the car through the windshield and landed tens of feet away on the asphalt of a rural highway. By all accounts, he shouldn’t have survived, and nearly didn’t due to severe internal bleeding, a ruptured lung, and a shattered skull. 

Allen’s recovery took some time. Much of his skull had to be reconstructed with a titanium plate. Since then, he has grown his hair back and no longer races, instead preferring to spend his free time playing video games and working on home improvement projects. One such project is a series of concrete cells under a barn on his property. This is where he imprisons psychics. 

Having been introduced to the world of the occult by a friend after his recovery, Allen learned about how there is a whole community of psychics and wielders of real, honest-to-god magic out there. This is something he cannot abide. To Allen, the use of these kinds of powers on others is a violation of agency and free will that he finds disgusting and immoral. The idea of making someone feel as vulnerable as he felt during his medical recovery through these means motivates Allen to kidnap and imprison people with psychic abilities. 

Typically, Allen works with a couple other like-minded people to carry these tasks out. A naturally-high ability to resist psychic intrusion into his mind, combined with the metal plate in his skull, makes Allen’s mind all but impenetrable. He believes firmly in his mission, regarding it as an unquestionable good. The people he kidnaps are all kept in the prison that Allen built under his barn, a sort of oubliette where he leaves them to die.