Anthony is a tall man with very short hair and dark brown eyes. He is DEDICATED TO HIS CRAFT, ENERGETIC, and is VERY TIDY. Anthony has been a furry since his early teenage years, and his enthusiasm for it has only become more intense. As a result, he has become a Channeler - a type of person who can access magic based off of their passions. He is bound, meaning that he draws power from a totem. In his case, his fursuits are his totems. 

Anthony has a handful of fursuits, representing a rabbit, a coyote, a fox, a dog, and a sort of hairy black thing that vaguely resembles some kind of goat or dragon. He can do a few things with the magic that his suits provide for him, including giving simple instructions to the kinds of animals his suits represent, healing injured animals, and giving himself characteristics of those animals (such as improved speed and sense of smell). When he is wearing one of his fursuits, it gives him the ability to take a shape similar to that animal. 

The prerequisites for this kind of power include making the suit, which Anthony works tirelessly to do. He spends most of his time outside of work designing and sewing these suits, which are expensive and time-consuming to make. He must also eat the animal it represents raw to access its power. 

Anthony will freely talk about the first time it happened - he was driving home from a friend’s house and hit what he thought was a dog. When he exited the vehicle to check it out, he found a black mass not resembling any animal he knew of. Anthony was struck by a compulsion to eat its body right off of the road, and ate from its body in the middle of an empty road late at night. For weeks after, he had dreams of the creature and began obsessing over it until he created a suit that looked like it. 

When Anthony transforms, he takes the shape of a large creature around his same body size, but in the shape of the animal the suit is designed after. This gives him strength, speed, and agility that he does not have access to in his human form, and allows him to crawl up walls and burrow through tough materials. When Anthony takes the shape of the Black Mass, it also allows him to communicate with people telepathically, phase through thin walls, and squeeze through incredibly narrow spaces.