I recently heard about this challenge for creating 31 characters in 31 days. The goal is simple and self-explanatory: create one character every day of the month. I think it’s an interesting prospect, and I thought I would give it a go, too. Unfortunately, I’ve found out about this on Day 2, so I suppose I’ll start with two characters for my first day. Some of these characters will have stats for games, but most of them are probably going to be system agnostic, across some variety in genres. 

I’ll try to keep this post updated so that you can easily find the entries here.

Day 2A, Clay Parsons, a former businessman

Day 2B, Luisa and Aimee Ferrera, a pilot and bartender duo

Day 3, Gary Hudson, a man who owns little but knows a lot

Day 4, Theodora Bridges, a restless psychic

Day 5, David Galloway, a boy with a special relationship with his pets

Day 6, Charlotte Roach, a woman whose anxieties become other people's reality

Day 7, Chris van Meer, the unwilling owner of a bunch of illegal explosives

Day 8, Deputy Lindsey Soriano, a rescue diver in contact with an unknown entity

Day 9, Scott Powers, a guy who wants to forget his uncontrolled abilities

Day 10, Parker Linford, a model without a body

Day 11, Ernest Kidd, a man with anger issues

Day 12, Gossamer, woman of mystery

Day 13, Dave Horton, a guy who owns a truck

Day 14, Courtney Crockett, a girl with a Ghost addiction

Day 15, Anthony Nash, a guy who loves his fursuits

Day 16, Loretta Fleming, a cat lady

Day 17, Adriana Elsberry, a rap artist with a place of her own

Day 18, Allen Stuckey, cannot stand psychics

Day 19, Dr. Mehan Kulkarni, the most humble doctor

Day 20, Sadie, dog