"Oof. Buhf."

Sadie is a dog. She is ACTIVE, CHARMING, and PATIENT. She has a coat of golden yellow fur and her ears are typically pointed upwards. She is a Chihuahua mix, but what exactly she is mixed with is the subject of debate among the staff and residents of the hospice facility she lives in. 

She lives in a hospice facility and is a therapy dog for the residents on her floor. She is spiritually aware and has a preternatural sense for those who are near death, curling up with them to provide them comfort moments before they die. After they pass, she will go and wait by the elevator for several hours. 

Sadie is not normally a lap dog, and tries to keep the elderly residents of the facility active. Staff and residents alike take part in her care, helping feed her, take her for walks, and sneaking her snacks and treats. When people receive their final visit from Sadie, they have reported hearing her true, inner voice, reassuring them. Most pass in their sleep, and when staff find Sadie waiting patiently near the elevator, they know that another resident has moved on to the next world.